Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu is a horror roleplaying game based upon the writings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and a few others. Lovecraft wrote during the 1920s and 1930s, and he became a cult figure before dying in 1937. The game is an evolving interaction between players (in the guise of characters unraveling a mystery) and the keeper, who presents the world in which the mystery occurs. Each player takes on one or more investigator personas. During the game, the player attempts to speak and act in terms of those personalities. The keeper becomes the game moderator. Perhaps using a published scenario, or creating one of his or her own, the keeper knows the entire plot of the story and presents it during play. Gaming is social. Roleplaying brings together a number of people in order to form a communal fantasy often more verdant and imaginative than one person alone could ever create. The parts of the Cthulhu Mythos originated by Lovecraft himself define this game. Certain concepts and creations by some of Lovecraft's friends are also used. The purpose of horror roleplaying is to have a good time. Right down to pounding hearts and sweating brows, it's part of human nature to find pleasure in being scared, as long as being scared is not for real.

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